Claudia Borgia

Claudia Borgia is a documentary photographer focusing on women-related issues, feminism and trans-feminism stories, and especially stories of minorities. It is often stories in which the desire for freedom and social redemption are fundamental.
She is moved by the idea of spreading the stories of people who live in precarious conditions and at the same time the need to break the "machist" thought of the society in which we live together with preconceived ignorance.
Photography for Claudia is a social and personal research made of other worlds stories, and relationships with subjects struggling for their personal, social and cultural freedom. Her curiosity and honesty lead her to approach the people intimately, to try to understand how she or he lives, and at the same time exorcise her personal condition and the concept itself of freedom.Through this relationship of empathy she tries to tell virtuous and complex stories, and at the same time tries to understand herself better in her path to a personal emotional freedom.
Claudia was born in Rome in 1975. She is freelance and LUZphoto Agency contributor, based in Rome.




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